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full swing season 2

The chilling conclusion of Mindhunter’s first season left viewers eager for more.  Holden Ford and Bill Tench, the FBI’s pioneering duo, had ventured into the dark minds of serial killers, sparking both fascination and controversy.  

This speculative exploration of Season 2 delves deeper into the moral complexities of criminal profiling and throws them into a gripping new case: The Hillside Stranglers.

Setting the Stage

The year is 1980. The FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit (BSU) is no longer a novelty, but it’s far from established.  Holden Ford,  still burdened by the weight of his encounters with monsters,  seeks  to  further  refine  profiling  techniques.  

Full Swing Season 2

Bill Tench  navigates  the  treacherous  waters  of  bureaucracy,  championing  the  BSU  while  facing  skepticism  from  traditional investigators.

Their work has garnered media attention,  but  not  all  of  it  positive.  Concerns  arise  about  giving  serial killers a platform and potentially inspiring copycats.  Holden’s  unorthodox  methods  draw criticism,  and  the  ethical implications  of  their  interviews  spark  heated  debate.  The  BSU  needs  a  case  to  solidify  its  legitimacy and demonstrate the effectiveness of criminal profiling.

The Hillside Stranglers

Enter Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono Jr., the Hillside Stranglers,  who  terrorized  Los Angeles  in  the  late  1970s.  The  methodical  nature  of  their  crimes,  targeting  young  women,  presents  a  unique  challenge  for  the  BSU.  For Bill Tench,  the  case  hits  close  to  home,  adding  a  personal  dimension  to  his  dedication.

The  season  could  explore  the  contrasting  approaches  of  Holden  and  Bill.  Holden,  consumed  by  the  investigation,  pushes  for  direct  interviews  with  the  Stranglers.  

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He  believes  their  insights  will  be  key  to  understanding  their  motives  and  predicting  future  victims.  Bill,  cautious  of  the  ethical  quandary,  advocates  for  a  traditional  investigation  focusing  on  forensics  and  witness  testimonies.

This  internal  conflict  highlights  the  tension  between  profiling  and  traditional  investigation.  However,  both  approaches  prove  valuable.  Holden’s  analysis  of  interviews  with  other  serial  killers  reveals  potential  similarities  in  the  Stranglers’  modus operandi.  

This  information  provides  valuable  insights  for  detectives  on  the  ground,  potentially  leading  to  new leads.  Meanwhile,  Bill’s  focus  on  forensics  could  yield  a  critical  breakthrough  that  links  the  Stranglers  to  unsolved  murders  in  other  cities.

Moral Dilemmas and Internal Conflict

The  pressure  escalates  as  the  investigation  progresses,  testing  the  integrity  of  the  BSU’s  methods.  Holden’s  obsession  with  understanding  the  killers  pushes  ethical  boundaries.  His  repeated  requests  to  interview  Bianchi  and  Buono  spark  concerns  about  victim  privacy  and  the  potential  glorification  of  evil.  Bill  finds  himself  caught  between  supporting  Holden’s  passion  and  adhering  to  FBI  protocol.

Full Swing Season 2

The  strain  doesn’t  stop  at  work.  Holden’s  fixation  on  the  case  fractures  his  relationship  with  Debbie.  Bill  grapples  with  the  emotional  toll  of  investigating  crimes  so  close  to  home.  

The  season  could  explore  the  psychological  impact  of  their  work  on  the  investigators  themselves.  Do they risk becoming  desensitized  to  the  horrors  they  confront  daily,  or do these encounters leave them forever haunted by the darkness they peer into?

Unmasking Evil and the Aftermath

Through  a  combination  of  profiling,  detective work,  and  a critical  breakthrough  in  the  case,  the  BSU  plays  a  pivotal  role  in  apprehending  the  Hillside Stranglers.  

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The climax  could  involve  a  tense  confrontation  between  law  enforcement  and  the  killers,  drawing  upon  the  psychological  insights  gleaned  from  Holden’s  controversial  requests.

However,  the  resolution  may  be  bittersweet.  While  justice  is  served  for  the  victims  and  their  families,  the  case  leaves  lasting  scars.  The  BSU  faces  internal  scrutiny  regarding  Holden’s  methods,  potentially  leading  to  disciplinary  action  or  even  restrictions  on  their  profiling techniques.

The Legacy of the Hillside Stranglers Case

The  season  could  conclude  with  a  sense  of  unfinished  business.  The  Hillside Stranglers  case  solidifies  the  BSU’s  credibility  to  a  certain  extent,  demonstrating  the  effectiveness  of  profiling  when  combined  with  traditional  investigation.  

However,  the  ethical  questions  surrounding  their  work  linger.

  • The Future of Criminal Profiling:  The  season  can  spark  debate  about  the  future  of  criminal  profiling.  Will  it  become  a  widely  accepted  tool,  or  will  concerns  about  ethics  limit  its  use?
  • The Psychological Toll:  The  season  could  emphasize  the  psychological  toll  of  confronting  evil  on  a  daily  basis.  Will  Holden  and  Bill  be  able  to  compartmentalize  their  work,  or  will  the  darkness  they  confront  consume  them?
  • The Hunt Continues:  The  ending  could  leave  the  door  open  for  future  seasons.  With  new  serial  killers  emerging,  the  BSU’s  work  is  far  from  over.  The  final  scene  could show  Holden  and  Bill preparing  to  profile  a  new  subject,  highlighting  their  continued  dedication  to  understanding  the  criminal  mind,  despite  the  challenges  and  controversy  it  brings.


While  Mindhunter’s  cancellation  left  fans  wanting  more,  this  speculative  exploration  of  Season  2  illustrates  the  potential  narrative  threads  that  could  have  been  explored.  

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The  Hillside Stranglers  case  presented  a  chilling  real-world  scenario  that  pushed  Holden  and  Bill  to  their  limits,  both  professionally  and  personally.  The  season  could  have  offered  a  thought-provoking  exploration  of  criminal  profiling,  the  human  cost  of  pursuing  justice,  and  the  struggle  between  innovation  and  tradition  within  law  enforcement.  

Even though  Season  2  may  never  come  to  fruition,  it  serves  as  a  reminder  of  Mindhunter’s  enduring  legacy  and  the  unanswered  questions  that  still  lurk  in  the  depths  of  the  criminal  mind.