Love After Lockup Season 5: What We Know So Far | Where to Stream ?

love after lockup season 5

WE TV’s hit reality show “Love After Lockup” returned for its fifth season, once again diving headfirst into the captivating world of couples navigating love across prison bars.

This season brought a fresh batch of hopeful hearts and skeptical viewers eager to see if these relationships could survive the harsh realities of reintegration. From long-distance romances to whirlwind engagements, Season 5 promised a rollercoaster ride of release day drama, shocking revelations, and the ever-present question: is it love or a scam?

The Couples

This season’s cast featured a diverse group of couples, each with unique challenges and complexities:

  • Joy and Redd: Joynomi, a single mom, takes a leap of faith by planning to adopt a child with Redd, a felon she hasn’t met in person.
  • Melissa and Louie: Melissa, a recovering addict, attempts to rebuild her life with Louie, a recently released ex-con struggling to stay sober.
  • Bri and Kerok: Bri confronts societal expectations as she prepares to marry Kerok, a transgender man, facing both internal and external pressures.
  • Raneka and Asonta: Raneka, yearning for real connection, hires a private investigator to track down Asonta after years of online communication.
  • Mikey and Chelsea: Chelsea’s world is turned upside down when she discovers evidence suggesting Mikey may be juggling multiple women.
  • Brittney and André: André’s release hinges on a hefty payment, putting a significant strain on his relationship with Brittney.

love after lockup season 5

Release Day Drama

From the very first episode, release day unfolded with a mix of anticipation and apprehension. Joy’s excitement at finally meeting Redd in person quickly turned sour as she discovered his controlling behavior and a hidden past that cast doubt on his sincerity.

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Melissa’s joy at Louie’s release was overshadowed by his manipulative tactics and lingering drug use, raising concerns about his commitment to their relationship. Bri struggled to navigate Kerok’s emotional baggage and his resistance to finding a job, testing their ability to build a life together.

Secrets and Lies

As the season progressed, a web of secrets and lies began to unravel, shattering trust and jeopardizing the couples’ fragile bonds. Asonta’s true location left Raneka heartbroken and questioning their entire relationship. Doubts plagued Chelsea as rumors surfaced about Mikey’s possible infidelity. Redd’s past relationships and criminal activity left Joy fearing for her safety and her future with him.

love after lockup season 5

Testing Boundaries

The transition to freedom proved difficult for many. The couples grappled with the challenges of reintegration, including finding work, maintaining sobriety, and navigating often-strained family dynamics. Louie’s inability to adjust to a normal life after years behind bars strained his relationship with Melissa, forcing her to prioritize her own recovery. Bri found herself constantly picking up the slack for Kerok’s lack of responsibility, testing the strength of their commitment.

Love or Scam?

Throughout the season, viewers were left questioning the motivations of some cast members. Redd’s constant contact with an ex-girlfriend fueled suspicion about his commitment to Joy. André’s financial dependence on Brittney raised concerns about his true intentions.  Mikey’s questionable behavior, including suspicious phone calls and unexplained absences, left viewers wondering if he ever truly loved Chelsea.

Happily Ever After (or Not)

By the season’s finale, most of the couples faced uncertain futures. Joy finally cut ties with Redd after a dramatic confrontation, recognizing the red flags and prioritizing her own safety. Melissa, exhausted by Louie’s drama and relapses, opted to prioritize her sobriety, choosing self-love over a potentially destructive relationship.

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Despite societal pressures, Bri showed unwavering support for Kerok, and they remained committed to their relationship. Asonta finally arrived, but Raneka’s trust was shattered, leaving their future hanging in the balance. Chelsea ended her relationship with Mikey after uncovering his web of lies and betrayal. Brittney remained by André’s side as he struggled to meet his financial obligations, raising questions about her long-term happiness.

How to Watch Season 5

WE tv will premiere Season 5 of “Love After Lockup”. After their release from prison, the relationships of felons and their significant others are the subject of the series. Five of the seven couples that are featured on the program are also introduced on “Love During Lockup.”


The premiere episode for this week is entitled “Born That Way.” For those seeking to access the program or catch up on-demand, Philo, FuboTV, and DirecTV access all offer it for free. At this time, new users can obtain complimentary trials of all three services.


Season 5 of “Love After Lockup” served as a cautionary tale about the difficulties of navigating love behind bars. While some couples found strength and support in their bond, many succumbed to the pressures of reintegration and the uncovering of hidden truths.

The season highlighted the importance of trust, communication, and realistic expectations when building a relationship under extraordinary circumstances. Although a few couples held onto hope for the future, the season ultimately left viewers questioning the true nature of love formed within prison walls.