Ascendance of a Bookworm: Season 4 Announced

ascendance of a bookworm season 4

Bookworms rejoice! “Ascendance of a Bookworm,” the heartwarming tale of a book-obsessed girl reborn in a world starved for literature, is poised for a return. Season 3 concluded with Myne, our determined protagonist, making a daring escape from the confines of the temple, leaving behind her life as a blue-robed priestess. 

However, her quest for a world brimming with books is far from over. With a new season on the horizon, produced by the acclaimed animation studio WIT STUDIO, we are about to delve into the “Adopted Daughter of an Archduke” arc, a captivating new chapter in Myne’s extraordinary journey.

A World of Nobility and New Challenges

ascendance of a bookworm season 4

Season 4 marks a significant shift in Myne’s circumstances. Gone are the familiar routines of the temple. Instead, she finds herself thrust into the unfamiliar world of the aristocracy. Adopted by the influential Ehrenfest family under the new name of Rozemyne (Rosie) Mai, Myne must navigate a completely new social landscape. 

Here, etiquette reigns supreme, and social expectations hold immense weight. The complex political machinations of the Ehrenfest Duchy pose a stark contrast to the temple’s relative simplicity. Additionally, Myne’s “commoner” background could potentially lead to prejudice within the noble circles.

The Ehrenfest family itself presents a fascinating dynamic. Sylvester, the Archduke, embodies a sense of stern responsibility, yet a glimmer of warmth lies beneath his stoic exterior. Ferdinand, Myne’s adoptive brother, possesses exceptional talent, but his social awkwardness often creates comical situations. Charlotte, the headstrong daughter, becomes Myne’s confidante, her curiosity a perfect match for Myne’s own.

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The Pursuit of Books Continues

Despite the change in scenery, Myne’s unwavering love for books remains the cornerstone of her being. However, the noble library proves to be a disappointment. Filled primarily with religious texts and historical documents, it offers limited options for a bibliophile like Myne. Furthermore, strict access control hinders her ability to explore the collection freely.

ascendance of a bookworm season 4

Undeterred, Myne embarks on a new quest: to secure a steady supply of books. She commissions the creation of new books, employing skilled scribes and illustrators to bring her stories to life. Recognizing the limitations of relying on others, Myne sets her sights on a more ambitious goal: establishing her own printing press. Learning the art of papermaking becomes paramount, a skill that will revolutionize the way knowledge is disseminated in this world. Additionally, Myne explores the possibility of acquiring ancient and rare books, a pursuit that may involve a touch of trade or perhaps a hint of intrigue.

New allies emerge on this literary adventure. A perceptive aide of Sylvester recognizes Myne’s potential and becomes a silent supporter, offering crucial assistance in the background. Skilled artisans, captivated by Myne’s passion, are persuaded to lend their talents to her book-making endeavors.

A cunning merchant with a network of contacts enters the scene, offering Myne the opportunity to acquire rare materials and forbidden texts, potentially shaking the very foundations of the information hierarchy.

The Intricate Web of Politics

Beneath the seemingly tranquil surface of the Ehrenfest Duchy lies a complex web of political intrigue. Rival noble houses vie for influence and power, constantly maneuvering for advantage. The delicate balance between the Duchy and the central authority of the Royal Sovereignty adds another layer of complexity.

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Despite her young age, Myne finds herself unexpectedly entangled in these political machinations. Her unique abilities and thirst for knowledge attract attention from various factions. 

As she proves her resourcefulness and creativity, her influence within the Duchy begins to grow. Ferdinand’s rise within the knightly order further complicates the political landscape, potentially drawing Myne deeper into the power struggles.

Myne, however, is not one to be easily manipulated. She navigates this delicate situation with strategic finesse. Forming alliances with other families who share her vision becomes a crucial part of her strategy. 

Additionally, her knowledge of history and social customs allows her to gain an advantage in the political arena. Yet, she also understands the importance of maintaining a neutral stance, avoiding becoming a pawn in the games of others.

The Power of Knowledge and Innovation

The impact of Myne’s endeavors extends far beyond her personal quest for books. The introduction of new technologies like papermaking and printing creates unprecedented economic opportunities. 

The ability to produce books at a faster and cheaper rate fosters a more vibrant cultural landscape. Commoners, who previously had limited access to knowledge, now have the chance to learn and grow. Literacy rates rise, and with them, the potential for a more informed and engaged citizenry.


Ascendance of a Bookworm Anime: Run Time

television adaptation of the series aired from 2019 to 2022. An OVA and 36 episodes are included. The initial episode was broadcast on October 3, 2019. “ASCENDANCE OF BOOKWORM” is available to view on Crunchyroll.

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