Setting the Record Straight and Exploring Past Rumors: Who is Milo Manheim Dating?

who is milo manheim dating

Milo Manheim has become a household name for many Disney Channel fans. From his breakout role in “Zombies” to his current portrayal of the titular character in “Doogie Kamealoha, MD,” the young actor has captured hearts with his charisma and talent. But amidst his rising stardom, one question continues to pique fans’ curiosity: who is Milo Manheim dating?

The truth is, as of today, March 3rd, 2024, Milo Manheim is single. Back in April 2023, he took to TikTok to address the rumors swirling around his love life, stating in a clear and concise message, “Guys, I gotta set the record straight. I am single.”  It’s important to remember that celebrities deserve privacy in their personal lives, and respecting their boundaries is key.

However, rumors about Milo’s dating life haven’t always been so clear-cut. Let’s delve into some of the past associations that sparked speculation:

Peyton Elizabeth Lee: On-Screen 

who is milo manheim dating

Chemistry Sparks Fan Fiction

Many fans were captivated by the on-screen chemistry between Milo Manheim and Peyton Elizabeth Lee in the movie “Prom Pact” and later in season 2 of “Doogie Kamealoha, MD.” Their characters’ undeniable connection naturally led to speculation about a potential romance in real life.

Social media was abuzz with fan edits and theories, fueled further by any public interactions or friendly posts they shared. However, both Milo and Peyton have explicitly denied any romantic involvement, assuring fans that their relationship is strictly platonic.

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Meg Donnelly: From Zombies to Friendship

who is milo manheim dating

Milo’s co-star in “Zombies,” Meg Donnelly, was another source of dating rumors.  Their characters’ undeniable on-screen romance, coupled with their genuine friendship off-screen,  gave fans reason to believe their connection might extend beyond the script.

Interviews where they displayed great rapport and playful social media interactions only added fuel to the fire. However, both Milo and Meg have publicly clarified that their bond is purely platonic, emphasizing the strong friendship they share.

Keeping it Speculation-Free

There have been other instances where Milo’s name has been linked to someone romantically, often based on little to no evidence. It’s important to remember that without reliable sources and concrete proof, these rumors hold little weight.

Career Focus and Looking Ahead

Right now, Milo’s main focus seems to be on his blossoming career.  He has several exciting projects on the horizon, including a Thanksgiving horror movie that is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Interviews and social media posts showcase his dedication to his craft, suggesting a busy schedule filled with filming and promotions.

As for future relationships, only time will tell. Speculation serves little purpose  here.  What truly matters is respecting Milo’s privacy and  wishing him all the best in both his professional and personal endeavors.


Milo Manheim is currently single, past rumors have been debunked, and his focus is clearly on his flourishing acting career. Here’s to his continued success and happiness in whatever path he chooses, both on and off-screen.