Unveiling the Truth Behind the Rumors: Who is Lauren London Dating?

who is lauren london dating

Lauren London is a name synonymous with grace and talent. From captivating audiences in films like “The Family Stone” to her iconic role as Erin Lindsay in “90210,” she’s carved a remarkable path in Hollywood. 

However, her private life, particularly her dating status after the tragic loss of her longtime partner Nipsey Hussle, has become a topic of immense curiosity and speculation. This article aims to separate fact from fiction, exploring who Lauren London is currently dating, if anyone.

A Legacy of Love: Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle

Lauren London and rapper Nipsey Hussle shared a love story that resonated deeply with fans. Together for over a decade, they built a beautiful life, raising their son Kross with unwavering dedication. 

who is lauren london dating

Nipsey Hussle’s tragic passing in 2019 sent shockwaves through the entertainment world, and Lauren London’s grief was palpable. Their love story continues to be a testament to enduring partnership and the strength found in family.

Is Lauren London Dating Now? Separating Fact from Fiction

The question of Lauren London’s current relationship status is a prevalent one. However, credible sources point towards her being single. Interviews and social media posts haven’t hinted otherwise. 

who is lauren london dating

It’s understandable that fans care about her well-being, but respecting celebrities’ privacy, especially during times of grief,  is crucial. The emotional toll of public scrutiny can be immense, particularly after losing a loved one. Lauren London deserves the space to heal and navigate this new chapter in her life.

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Debunking the Rumors: Examining Past Associations

Despite Lauren London’s single status, rumors about her dating life have circulated. Here, we address some of the most prominent ones:

  • A. Diddy (Sean Combs)

Diddy, a prominent music industry figure and longtime friend of Nipsey Hussle, has been linked to Lauren London. Their past association and occasional public appearances together fueled speculation. 

However, there’s no concrete evidence of a romantic relationship. Lauren London hasn’t publicly addressed these rumors, but it’s safe to assume their bond remains one of friendship and mutual respect.

  • B. Trey Songz

Fans speculated about a potential romance between Lauren London and singer Trey Songz after their on-screen chemistry in “The Perfect Holiday” and a friendly social media exchange.  

who is lauren london dating

However, the significant time gap between the movie’s release and the rumors emerging casts doubt on their validity.  It’s more likely a case of misinterpreted on-screen chemistry and minimal real-life interaction.

  • C. Other Past Speculations

Lauren London’s name has occasionally been linked to other celebrities, often with little to no evidence. Responsible media reporting is essential to avoid perpetuating unsubstantiated gossip.

Healing, Growth, and Moving Forward

Since Nipsey Hussle’s passing, Lauren London’s focus has been on healing and raising her son Kross. Her strength and dedication to his well-being are truly inspiring.  

She has also continued her philanthropic work, championing causes Nipsey Hussle was passionate about.

As for future relationships, only time will tell.  Our focus should be on respecting Lauren London’s privacy and celebrating her journey as a single mother and a thriving actress.


Lauren London is currently single, dedicating herself to her son and flourishing career.  The past rumors have been addressed, and it’s vital to respect her privacy. Here’s to Lauren London’s continued success and happiness, whatever path she chooses to walk.

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